Large Orders/Multiple Addresses

Multiple gifts for clients/friends/family that require multiple shipments to different addresses or in shop pickup? We will be happy to help by emailing one invoice for the entire order. We can add a standard note to your package too!


Cookie Information: Cookie flavor and package desired, example "10 Large Gift Boxes: 1/2 Chocolate Chip &  1/2 Cinnamon Sugar." If selecting different packages for each address please add a column to the spreadsheet.

Shipping Information: The best format is a spreadsheet with the following columns-  Name, Address, Unit, City, State, Zip Code. Word Documents or details in the email itself will work as well, as long as all the information is included. Be sure to verify addresses and unit numbers. No details required for pickup orders.

Note Information: Include a short message to be included with your package. Printing notes with your company logo is also available.

Feel free to call us for more details 702.704.3113